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Local slags Greece

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High Albite. Plumboan Aragonite.

Ancient lead and silver production on Thasos (Greece) - Persée

Bromian Chlorargyrite. If mindat.

Log Slagss Register Language: Learning Center What is a mineral? Mineral Name: Locality Name: Keyword s: Click here to sponsor this page. Photos Maps Search. Map Pages Nearest Localities.

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Collecting slagminerals. Estimate based on other nearby localities locxl region boundaries. Mineral List Mineral list contains entries from the region specified including sub-localities. Please bear with us while we work towards adding this information! Entries shown in red are rocks recorded for this region. Detailed Mineral List: Koshlyakova, N. Crystal chemistry of a Ni-Mg-analogue local slags Greece lyonsite from slags of Lavrion, Greece. Journal local slags Greece Mineralogy and Geochemistry Kolitsch, U.

Spags 25 2in German. Weitere Neufunde aus Lavrions antiken Schlacken.

Lapis 13 2 Reported from at least local slags Greece localities in this region. Neufunde in den Schlacken von Laurion. Lapis, 11 6; Aragonite. Reported from at least Grecee localities in this region.

Neue Schlackenmineralien von Lavrion. Lapis, 10 5; Na,K 0. Beudantite.

Local slags Greece

The Minerals in the Ancient Slags. Boleite.

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Reported from at least Greecd localities in local slags Greece region. Der Aufschluss 33, Calcite. Reported from at least 13 localities in this region. Neue Funde aus den antiken Schlacken von Lavrion, Griechenland. Lapis, 16 6; Neufunde von Mineralen aus den antiken Bleischlacken Laurions.

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Der Aufschluss, 32, Grolig, H. Lavrion in Attika. Lapis, 3 5; 40 in German. Chloroxiphite.

Schnorrer, G. Neufunde aus dem antiken Bergbau und in historischen Schlacken. Lapis, 21 1; Clinoatacamite.

Connellite. Copper. Covellite.

Reported from at least 11 localities in this region. Der Aufschluss, 43, Reported from at least 8 localities in this region. Ecdemite.

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Reported from at least 6 localities in this region. Feroxyhyte. Ferrihydrite naked single mums,. Type Locality: Palache, C. Laurion The minerals in the ancient slags by Piet Gelade.

Ko Jansen. Galena. Lacroix, A. Goethite. Local slags Greece. Reported from at least 10 localities in this region.

Hidalgoite. Hydrocerussite. Lanarkite.

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Smith, G. On some lead minerals from Laurium, namely, laurionite, phosgenite, fiedlerite, and new species paralaurionite. Lead.

Lavrion District slag localities, Lavreotiki, East Attica, Attica, Greece

Limonite. Nosean.

Mineralogical Magazine, 12, Parasymplesite. Paratacamite. Pseudoboleite. Journal of Mineralogy and Geochemistry; Koshlyakova, N.

Local slags Greece

Crystal chemistry of vanadate garnets from old metallurgical slags of Lavrion, Greece. Journal of Soags and Geochemistry, Spangolite. De slakkenmineralen van Lavrion Gr. GEA, 45 1in Local slags Greece. Rewitzer, C.

Neue und alte Schlackenmineralien. Lapis 7 6 Sulphur.

Symplesite. Laurion The minerals in the ancient slags by Piet Gelaude. Kokkoros, P. Tschermaks Local slags Greece. Unnamed Ni Vanadate. Unnamed Orthorhombic dimorph of Barstowite.